Declaration in the face of the repression of the Chilean Capitalist State

By Klaudio

We, as revolutionaries have been shocked by the news about the repression and asymmetric violence against revolutionaries, including illegal raids of the squatting’s houses (an operations carried out by the National Agency of Information, which is a part of the Department of the Interior) and other spaces; the confinement of activists (simply for organizing and sharing ideas they were arrested at August 8th in Rancagua); and that they have been involved in many marches, that have occurred in this week. Also, during this time the police murdered a Mapuche leader, Jaime Mendoza Collío.

In the face of this situation, the comrades of the International Luxemburguist Network (ILN), coming from different parts from the world, want to solidarize with the comrades who are resisting the attacks of the capitalist class, that have exploited and sacked the natural resources, and contaminated the environment, of the region. We support the comrades, and support your struggle for a critical, constructive, revolutionary and independent project.

Solidarity with the comrades from Chile!