Mobilize! In defense of immigrants, for an alternative to capitalist politics.

The surprise victory of Trump signals a new level of assaults on immigrant workers in the United States, and through them, on the entire working class. It reveals the inability of the Democratic Party to function even as the “lesser evil” illusion so dear to the hearts of many on the left. To activists, this outcome poses the danger of escalating racist assaults, but at the same time the potential for a massive counter-mobilization and for the initiation, at long last, of a real alternative to capitalist politics.

Plateforme 2016 and the Fight for a Workers Program in France

(translated from the newsletter of Plateforme 2016

Defend Basic Rights, Stand with those who Defy the French Ban on Demonstrations

By Eric Lerner and Jay Arena, NJ ILN

Greek Workers’ Only Real Hope is Fearless Action

(first published in Counterpunch)

By Eric Lerner, US ILN

April 11, 2015

Greek hope is coming!

by Kostis Klimopoulos

(This is our first ILN report on the Greek situation. we invite members to submit updates and comments.)

The 26th of January 2015 for many people in Greece was a special day. It was the first time in modern Greek history when a left-wing government ruled primarily by the Coalition of the Radical Left party (SYRIZA) has assumed power. But what actually can Greek people expect from this change?

Mass Strike Vol. 2 No. 1 - October 2013

Jobs for All, Free Public Services for All, a National Recovery Plan

We demand the federal government create a democratically-controlled public works and public service program, with direct government employment, to generate 25 million new jobs at a living wage. The new jobs will be to build the facilities and provide the services to create free quality public services needed to meet the needs of the 99%, including in education (through university), child care, healthcare (single payer), housing, transportation, and clean energy.

Two Historical Examples of Mass Strikes

Occupy Wall Street: Anarchism, Luxemburgism, and the Struggle for Demands

By J. Arena

"Self-criticism, cruel, unsparing criticism . . . is life and breadth for the proletarian movement." - Rosa Luxemburg

Quebec student show the way to win in Le printemps érable ("The Maple Spring")

Quebec student show the way to win in Le printemps érable ("The Maple Spring")

By Lev Lafayette


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