Greeting to the International Immigrant Alliance Conference

In a world where capital can move freely across borders, humans have to risk their lives if they attempt to do so. Migrant workers throughout the world are being hunted down, humiliated, detained, and sometimes killed. The largest movement of migrant workers in the history of the earth is marked by a mass destruction of social welfare programs, attacks on workers rights and restriction on liberty and democracy.

In order to hide the real causes capitalist crisis, migrant workers are portrayed as criminals and as the cause of society's dysfunctions. Governments all over the world have passed laws persecuting migrant workers, and at the same time destroying democratic freedoms of native born residents. This is the oldest trick in the book : divide and conquer.

The solution is the opposite. Workers, native born and migrant, must reject nationalist boundaries and unite as a class, an international working class.

Migrant workers are beginning to lead militant strikes throughout the world demanding the right of movement, the right to democratic liberties and the right to living wages and safe working conditions. It is through this process of mass strike movements that class consciousness will develop - both among immigrants and native born. Rosa Luxemburg identified this mass strike process as the pathway to revolutionary change.

A group of students of Luxemburg have joined together to build a revolutionary movement based on freedom of movement and a world free from capitalist exploitation. We express our solidarity and we hope that this Conference would contribute to empower workers internationally. Only this way, can one imagine another world, fair and democratic where no one is illegal, nadie es ilegal, personne n'est clandestin, geen mens is illegaal.