October 15- Time for the US to Join the Global Popular Assembly Movement

Independence from the Democratic and Republican Parties!

No to All Austerity!

Jobs for all—A Massive Public Works Program!


On October 15, people around the world will be gathering in the squares of cities large and small to say NO to austerity. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=217223788318602. As a new step down in the global depression grips the economy; as the rich suck more trillions into their maws; as wages, pensions, education and health are slashed; as jobs continue to disappear, a movement of Popular Assemblies has arisen in Europe, inspired by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. This movement, organizing millions, has consistently declared its total independence from the major political parties of all countries. It has been run democratically by Popular Assemblies of all those who participate in the demonstrations and occupations of squares. It is a movement that demands Real Democracy NOW.

It is time for this movement to come to the United States. The chains that bind popular movements to the Democratic Party must be broken. We, too, need a movement totally independent of the Democrats and Republicans, parties wholly and completely run by and for the rich. We need a movement run not by self-appointed leaders but by Popular Assemblies –assemblies of all participants who decide by majority vote what our demands are and what the next steps are. We need Popular Assemblies in every city, in every neighborhood, in every workplace, coordinated by regional and eventually national assemblies. We need a movement that will bring about REAL Democracy Now, not the sham competition between the twin parties of the corporations.

To initiate such a nationwide movement here, we call on all workers, students, unemployed, immigrant and native-born, to organize continuing, daily, demonstrations in the central squares of every city in the US beginning October 15 . The demonstrations are to be run democratically and the specific demands are to be adopted by Popular Assemblies of all those participating. These demonstrations are to be explicitly totally independent of the Democratic and Republican parties.

We propose that a common demand of the demonstrations be the demand of Jobs for All: A Massive Public Works and Public Service Program with direct government employment, paid for by taxing the rich and the corporations and by stopping all of American’s wars. Such jobs are to be available to all who live here, regardless of immigration status, past incarcerations, country of birth or any other distinction. This demand addresses the key crisis confronting the world, the mass destruction of employment and fights against the effort to pit native-born and immigrant against each other. But this demand is to serve only to aid in the mobilization of the initial demonstrations—the final demands are, as in Greece, Spain and elsewhere, to be the democratic decisions of the Popular Assemblies.

Already a continuing daily demonstration behind a similar demand has started in Newark NJ http://njpop.org/wordpress/?p=708 and by October 15 no doubt there will other such daily demonstrations and occupations. Let October 15 be the day that this movement spreads throughout the United States!

For a Movement of Popular Assemblies!

For Real Democracy Now!

Jobs for ALL!

Announced times and places for October 15 :

New York, NY : Times Square 12:00 PM

More on the global action day (Oct. 15th) : http://www.15october.net